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Yousef Jabareen Webinar: “Challenges facing the Arab Joint List in the Israeli Knesset” June 2020

Canada, Israel and the USA at the UN: Webinar following Canada’s defeated campaign to  join the UN Security Council.

Jeff Halper and Awad Abdelfatteh, discuss the Campaign to change Israel into a democratic State with equality for Palestinians and israeli Jews.

Understanding the Trump ''Deal of the Century''

Six part lecture series  Israel/Palestine April 2017

  Part 1 – Introduction, terminology, the Zionist and Palestinian narratives

 Part 4 – What does it mean

to be a “Jewish” State?

Part 2 – Who are the Palestinians and what do they want?

Part 5 - The issue of the Palestinian refugees

Part 3 – Special Guest

lecturer: Antisemitism, Zionism and Israel

Part 6 – Canadian policy

on Israel/Palestine

Jerusalem – between a rock and a hard place 1 and 2

Jerusalem – Between a rock and a hard place – Part 1 – Aljazeera documentary

Jerusalem: Can Jews, Christians, Muslims live together? (Part II)

Palestinian intellectual Eduard Said on whether Jews have ANY right to Jerusalem

3 minute summary of 3 millenia of empires in

the middle

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